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The department of education is committed towards contributing to society and aims to truly implement its slogan of the trust, ‘Vidhyaya Samajotkarshah’ and the vision and mission of the university and that of the department which aims to create a multi skilled workforce capable of working and developing in any environment and create symbiotic tie ups with the societies and the industries at large.

The courses of the department aim to contribute to the development of the society in the following manner:

1. In the last two years Mehasana and the surrounding area has seen a sudden spurt in the number of English Medium secondary and higher secondary schools. Even the Gujaratstate has proposed to open 150 schools affiliated with the C.B.S.E. Board realizing the competitive need of the hour. Through its proposed B.Ed programme (English Medium) the department foresees the growing need of teachers capable of teaching in English medium schools.

2. We realize that majority of prospective teacher trainers have grown in the gujarati environs and may not be able to cope the needs of English medium schools in spite of completing their B.Ed.To cater to the needs of these students Certificate courses in Teaching subjects are conducted which facilitate the conversion of Gujarati Medium teachers in English Medium.

3. The growing number of B.Ed. Colleges has resulted in the large number of Education graduates who aims to continue their higher studies so as to secure higher avenues in the area of education ranging from the administrative positions like principals to that of the research heads in the institutes like G.C.E.R.T. and D.I.E.T. and the project assignments. We cater to the needs of these students by providing the state of art research facilities and the quality education at their door step through our M.Ed. and Ph.D. programmes. This not only reduces the financial burden but also creates more jobs resulting in more employment for the local people.

4. The extension activities of the department aims to disseminate the knowledge generated and the innovations developed as a result of the research activities to the local community at the so as to benefit the surrounding educational institutes and the prospective students at the large.

5. Our placement cell guides the students towards their resume development, online registrations and applications and prospective placements.

6. Last but not the least the department is facilitated by an English Medium Primary and the Higher Secondary School having a fully qualified staff .The school employs student friendly teaching methods and utilizes modern teaching technologies to develop their abilities so as to be deemed fit in the competitive world.

Thus the department aims to contribute to the community and the society at the large by developing the potentialities of their children through the quality teaching which is done by the teachers polished and equipped in the department. Besides this the department aims to provide the employment to its students by making them aware of the potential areas. The designing of the need based community centered programmes has opened the diverse avenues for the students which find themselves fit in schools, colleges, N.G.O.’S, projects, online teaching, training and for higher studies.

Department of Education, Ganpat University