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The Department of education aiming to provide the teacher education with a difference will try to acquaint you with its wider perspective. You as a student have moulded and grown in a classical approach of acquiring the degree to become a teacher. But here we try to identify, sharpen and develop your skills in a manner that can make you fit for the wide array of department and the jobs.

In the Department you can get the accredited degrees, diplomas and certificates in the following programmes:

•      Ph.D. (Minimum 3 Years, After M.Phil. 2Years)
•      M.Phil ( 1 Year Full Time Programme)
•      M.Ed. ( 2 Year Full Time Programme)
•      B.Ed  English Medium (Proposed)                                                                                                    •      M.A. ( 2 Year Part Time )
•      PG Diploma in Educational Management (PGDEM)   (1 Year Part time Programme)
•      Certificate Programmes (Teaching of English, Maths and Science)
•      Department of Education is also Facilitated with an Experimental school run by the same trust as a part of the programme .

Each of the programmes is designed specifically to meet the growing demands of the use of technology in the area of education. The concept of the knowledge society and information explosion has largely modified the age old concept of serving the guru for the acquisition of knowledge. The modern techniques of technology have made the acquisition of knowledge very quick and easy. This has resulted in the drastic changes in the manner in which researches are being carried out and the students are being taught. These programmes have being designed keeping these factors on the fore front.

Department of Education, Ganpat University