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  • Teaching Learning Programmes are organized to discuss topics of relevant importance in a novice fashion with the help of experts.
  • Extension Programmes are under taken to develop the human resources of the schools for the qualitative improvement and persona enrichment and to carry out the action researches
  • Special interaction events are organized at regular intervals to brain storm the students  and mold them into a research attitud
  • Subject experts and seasoned guest lecturers enrich the thoughts and perception process of the students so as to develop a global vision.
    Educational activities::
  • Weekly seminars with active participation of the learners and researchers.
  • Visit to learning centers of repute;
  • Research guidance through action and field researches;
  • Teaching through latest teaching methods and techniques with stress on learners’ participation and co learning approaches.
    Curricular activities:
  • Psychological Puzzles:
  • Bulletin Board: The bulletin board of the department is the ensemble of various curricular and co curricular articles. Apart from this, students are given themes coinciding with festivals of regional and national importance, topics of current political and societal importance, any improvisation in educational technology or research and articles of learned personalities and also of the students are displayed on the board. These cuttings and articles are filed and at the end of the year some good articles are compiled and published in the form of book. 
  • Prayer Talks:  A daily prayer is organized in which the students and the staff members participate. A multitude of prayers and bhajans are included in the panorama of the prayers. Besides this a daily reflection of a moral thought, philosophical and psychological aspect of education and topics from various walks of life are taken up as the daily prayer talks. These talks are filed on daily basis compiled and published.
  • Question Bank: Students participate in the activity of preparing the question bank. Each faculty is assigned a group of the students in accordance with the teaching subject. The students collect the questions ranging from multiple choices, short answers to the explanatory type. These questions are collected keeping in mind the competitive examinations like N.E.T., S.L.E.T. and other examinations conducted by Kendriya Vidyalyas and Navodaya Vidyalayas.These questions are compiled and published.
  • Scrap Book: The cuttings collected as a part of the bulletin board activities, news of educational and societal importance etc are compiled by the student in a special activity organized once or twice the year to prepare the scrap books. These scrap books are kept in the library and act as the memorilabia and the document for that particular year.
  • Brochures: The students are introduced with the concept of brochure and then motivated to prepare it on the various topics of curricular relevance under the guidance of the faculty members. All these brochures are graded individually by the faculty. Best five are then selected and published to be distributed.
    Co-Curricular activities:
    These activities supplement the curricular activity and break the monotony to create the harmonious blend of work and play. The following activities were undertaken this year:
  • Teachers Day Celebration: This day calls for the special celebration on the part of the teacher trainers. It is celebrated on 5th September. The students take the responsibility of the faculty and act as teachers. This way they gain a practical insight of the responsibilities that they have to shoulder after being a teacher.
  • Guru Purnima Celebration: It was celebrated on 18th July 2008 Navaratri Celebration: 5th October, Sunday : A Navratri Programme was organized in the English Medium Primary Schoolin which all the students participated. A small Garba dance Programme was organized followed by the refreshment of fafda and jalebi. 
  • Educational Tour: Visit to Vividhlakshi Vidyamandir Trusts Mamta Mandir ,Palanpur :  One day educational tour was organized on 9th Sept. 2008, Tuesday, to expose the students towards the educational requirements of the children with special needs. The visit provided useful information about the deaf, dumb, blind and mentally retarded children which are taught and trained in Mamta Mandir.
  • Internship Programme -15th to 19th September : A 5 day Internship Programme was organized to provide the practical experience of teaching and to acquaint them with the day to day workings of the department. 19 colleges were selected by the Head, Dept. of Education in consultation with the students after considering their quality and  vicinity. The students engaged themselves in variety of activities ranging from taking lectures and psychological  tests, organizing prayers, helping in the conduct of examination to the observation of the B.Ed. Trainees.
  • Sports Day Celebration - University Sports Day was celebrated on 4th December 2008. Department of Education participated in Chess, Carrom and Cricket.
Department of Education, Ganpat University