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The College

The Department of education situated in Ganpat Vidyanagar Campus came into existence in 2006 with an aim to meet the growing demands of graduates in education. This technical university ventured into the education after a careful need based analysis to meet the demand for the higher education.  The department visualized to be the centre of excellence that can lead to the development of the society at large utilizes the latest technology, interactive approaches, electronic learning aids and expertise of learned professionals to provide a new approach to teaching learning process. The department dedicates its potentialities to develop and polish the skill of the teachers’ trainees so as to make them better educators capable of creating interactive teaching learning environment with continuous innovative researches.


The concept of department took form in an ethos of dedication to the need of higher education of the society. It also had before it a vision of Indian Culture. Therefore the whole architecture stands upon the twin foundation pillars of societal needs and Indian Culture. The department is very clear about the perspective in which its educational efforts are to be made, it did not have a clear picture of the form and pattern of educational programme which has to be adopted, except that it should be able to promote development of a balanced and harmonious personality of the teacher trainers and so should be different from the form of teacher education prevalent which emphasized book learning to utter neglect of the practical aspect of teaching and learning.
Thus with the visualization of these aims the Department caters to the needs of the society by preparing educators and researchers through its various pre-service, inservice and extension programmes ranging from Ph.D, M.Phil.,M.Ed. to various diploma courses and certificate courses facilitated  with the experimental school .


Department of Education – An institution engaged in generation, dissemination and application of knowledge and skills in Education that may lead to transformation of students of education into globally competent and ethically sound professional educators and researchers; capable of using state-of-the-art technology for the good of community anywhere in the world.


"Developing a cadre of eminent educators and researchers through empowerment of students of Education from regional, national and international grassroots so as to facilitate delivery of quality education with a difference that could lead to transformation of societies into technology driven professionals with a high sense of morality and ethics."


•      To develop the skill of learning to learn, relearn and de learn to cope with the knowledge society.
•      To create a diversified work force capable of exploring and tapping opportunities;
•      To design and implement a well researched need based curricula;
•      To promote community and action research;
•      To develop and implement extension programmes;
•      To create symbiotic tie ups that may lead to academic excellence and professional relevance in education & research.

Department of Education, Ganpat University